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Our team has experts who are Associates based in North America, Europe, South East Asia, South Asia, and  Africa and the Middle East

Beyond our Associates, the  Future Food Platform  draws on a larger network of subject matter experts based around the world that are called upon as required to meet the specialized needs of clients

Join Our 
Team of Experts
Join Our Team of Experts

We are always on the look out for new experts to join our Platform as Associates. We are hunting for people who have a unique skill set and experiences that we can draw-on. Our Associates join a pool of subject matter experts that are called upon when we have demand from our clients and specific projects where their expertise can be utilized. Projects can range from a few days to a few months in duration. We pay our Associates consulting fees that are in-line with international best practices and also in relation to the budgets available from our clients.


We are looking for expertise all along the food value chain for alternative proteins and related food innovations. If you are interested, send us a copy of your CV and we will let you know if your profile fits our requirements. If it does, we will get back to you and request some examples of your work and references. We will then send you an Engagement Agreement which lays out how everything works.

We have a great group of people on our Platform so we hope you will consider joining us as an Associate. 

Become a
Partner Organization
Become a Partner Org

The Future Food Platform operates more as the central node in a network rather than as a self-contained organization. We rely on both our Associates and Partner Organizations to respond to the demands and opportunities present to the Platform. There are three types of organizations that the Platform partners with:


Technical Organizations

These are organizations that already operate in the area of alternative proteins and food innovations working with start-ups. Here we partner with different incubators and accelerators that have access to additional pools of expertise and capital, or require additional expertise that is available on the Platform.


Investors and Food, Beverage and Ingredients Manufacturers

These partnerships are for companies who have access to finance for new business ventures, are seeking a B to B business partnership or are interested in acquiring new or existing business ventures in the alterative protein/food innovation space. These types of partnerships are tailored to the needs of the business partner who wants to work with the Platform.


Not for Profits and International Organizations

Here the Platform enters into partnerships with NGOs or international organizations to help implement our social agenda. Partnerships in this area are focused on financing and delivery of alternative proteins and food innovations that can reach underserved populations.


If your organization fits into one of these categories, we would like to hear from you and discuss potential partnership opportunities. 


We are looking for people to volunteer their time or donate money to assist us with our social programs.

We are developing a portfolio of projects that can reach underserved and lower income populations worldwide with food innovations that are ethical and will especially improve health and nutrition outcomes. We work on these projects on a pro bono basis and always require assistance in financing these ventures. You can volunteer your time and/ or make a financial contribution.


If you are interested in being a volunteer, send us your CV and a letter of motivation and we will get back to you. 


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