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How we work

Free one-on-one consultations with our team 

Fee-for-service for short-term engagements


Pro-bono for projects that fit in our social impact agenda

Long-term strategic partnerships


Our Platform

We provide just in time access to specialists and expertise to help companies on a short or longer terms basis, solve critical challenges or take advantage of opportunities along the value chain. 


We identify the most promising innovations and companies for investment by corporate partners, the investor community  or other eco-system players.

Identifying leading companies developing
promising food innovations
  • Start-ups today are the most important drivers of food innovation

  • We identify the most promising companies and technologies that can have a game changing impact on the food system

  • The Platform facilitates partnerships with these companies to help them develop strategies, improve the formulation of their products and to navigate the ecosystem and ultimately to reach scale

PAS 01
Improving the nutrient density of products, desirability and safety
  • We concentrate on alternative protein sources, including protein-rich ingredients from plants, fungi, insects and cultured tissue

  • New plant-based protein products often respond well to requirements for sustainability and achieve a high degree of functionality but are limited in terms of their taste, nutritional benefits and food safety

  • We have a specific practice in nutrition where we undertake all aspects of nutrition from applied research to product development

PAS 02
Support strategy development, business planning, legal and regulatory approvals
  • We assist companies in developing their corporate strategies and business plans

  • We support companies in establishing their sales processes and action plans to grow and capture new markets, with a special focus on emerging markets

  • We also help companies with licensing their intellectual property, and managing compliance with food and environmental regulations around the world

PAS 03
PAS 04
Assist companies with contract manufacturing, prototyping, packaging and supply chain optimization
  • We help companies with concept and feasibility development for new products

  • We support companies in identifying contract manufacturing options and with prototyping and market validation

  • We assist companies to optimize their supply chains, including ingredients supply, and their packaging and labelling requirements

Connecting companies to investors and larger food, beverage and ingredients players
  • We connect companies with investors (Seed, Series A ,B and C Funding) operating in different geographies

  • We broker partnerships with food, beverage and ingredients manufacturers

  • We identify ”soft” funding sources and blended-finance opportunities from public, private and philanthropic sources of investment

PAS 05
Ensuring that food innovations reach underserved and lower income populations is at the heart of our social agenda
  • We are committed to reaching underserved and lower income populations (in both rich
    and poor countries) with food innovations that are ethical and will especially improve health and nutrition

  • We work with companies to build appropriate business models and to formulate products for populations with low purchasing power and facing significant health and nutrition challenges

  • We broker partnerships with private, public and international entities committed to the same goals for specific projects that can have a high impact in terms of health and nutrition outcomes.

PAS 06
Our Recent Projects
Our Recent

Based in San Francisco, USA, JUST Foods is one of the largest players globally in plant proteins and cultured meat. The Platform is providing advisory services to JUST Foods in nutrition, product formulation and expansion into emerging markets.


Based in Montreal, Canada, Motherfoods International is a social business focused on producing nutritious snacks designed for women by women. The Platform is providing strategy and leadership support for women's entrepreneurship and business growth in emerging markets.

Screenshot 2020-07-06 at 15.34.09.png

Located in Geneva, Switzerland, GreenBloom CH.Sarl is rolling out its signature algae drink across Switzerland. The Platform has a partnership to support the business plan development and market strategy of Greenbloom in Switzerland.

Screenshot 2020-07-06 at 15.29.16.png

Based in the Netherlands, AnuLife has developed nutrient-dense, plant protein alternatives from Moringa for food products and animal feed. The Platform is assisting Anu Life with business planning and strategy development.

Screenshot 2020-07-06 at 15.21.42.png

Located in Brittany in France, LLDC Algae is one of the largest algae producers in Europe. The Platform is assisting LLDC Algae in raising capital for a new round of investment.

Screenshot 2020-07-06 at 15.26.15.png

Based in Cordoba, Argentina, ValorA is a leading vegetable protein producer in Latin America. The Platform is working with ValorA on business planning and strategy development. 


Based in Mumbai, India, the Trust is part of the Tata Group and the leading corporate foundation in India. Work undertaken concentrated on designing a platform for corporate engagement on nutrition and on alternative proteins in India.

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