• The Future Food Platform identifies game changing food innovations that if taken to scale, can be profitable and have a dramatic impact on environmental sustainability, human health and nutrition.

  • We focus primarily on alternatives to animal proteins, especially plant and cellular based proteins.

  • We  play an active role in improving the quality and formulation of new products so they are desirable, nutritionally dense and safe.

  • We provide assistance in strategy development and entry into new markets, especially emerging markets.

  • The platform promotes these innovations to investors, corporate partners and other start-up ecosystem players to help bring them to scale.

  • We provide advisory services through our team and a global network of experts.

What we do

1. Identify Companies Developing Promising Food Innovations
  • Start-ups today are the most important drivers of food innovation

  • We identify the most promising companies and technologies that can have a game changing impact on the food system

  • The Platform partners with these  companies to help them develop strategies, improve the formulation of their products and to navigate the ecosystem and ultimately to reach scale

2. Product Development to Improve Quality-Desirability, Nutrient Density and Safety
  • We concentrate primarily on alternative protein sources-plant based and cellular protein sources

  • New plant-based protein products often respond well to requirements for sustainability and achieve a high degree of functionality but are limited in terms of their taste, nutritional benefits and food safety

  • We work with companies to improve the desirability,  nutrient density and safety of their products, and also to develop strategies for sustainable packaging.

3.Connecting Start-ups to Key Ecosystem Players
  • The Platform provides support in the areas of  strategy development and entry into emerging markets

  • We connect start-ups with investors (Seed, Series A ,B and C Funding) operating in different geographies

  • We broker partnerships with food, beverage and ingredients manufacturers

  • We identify ”soft” funding sources from public, private and philanthropic sources of investment

4. Our Social Agenda: Reaching  Underserved Populations with Food Innovations
  • We are committed to reaching underserved populations  (in both rich and poor countries)  with food innovations that will especially improve health and nutrition

  • We work with companies to build appropriate business models and to formulate products for populations with a low purchasing power

  • We broker partnerships with private, public and international entities committed to the same goals


For any inquiries, please call or email us:

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