Our Vision and Who We Our 


We believe that the current food system is dysfunctional and unsustainable from the standpoints of: climate change and green house gas emissions, its impacts on health, malnutrition, inequality of access and the way it treats animals. Looking forward, the food system of the future must produce more food with significantly less land, water, and substantially more sustainable use of inputs such as fertilisers, pesticides, and herbicides. At the same time , it will need to provide affordable healthy and safe  diets, that use plant and animal based proteins more efficiently as well as rely more on alternative sources of protein that are sustainable.


We feel that it is time to start to focus on the food system of the future, and to redesign it in a way that addresses the major challenges of the past, and to make it fit for purpose for the future. We will promote a culture of food innovation driven especially by start-up companies and entrepreneurs, and work with the most promising technologies and start-ups. This is why we created the Future Food Platform: to accelerate the disruption of the current food system by promoting game changing innovations and helping them reach scale. 







  • Our team is led by two co-founders Marc Van Ameringen and Dominic Schofield, and has six experts based in the United States, Egypt, South Africa and China

  • These experts are recognised leaders in the areas of: Business Development,  Food Science, Food Technology, Food Safety and Food Packaging

  • The Future Food Platform also draws on a larger network of subject matter experts based around the world which are called on as required and given the needs of specific clients